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Golden Emu Oil (100% Pure Oil) - 500ml geo500 A$90.00 A$90.00
Shampoo - Natural - 500ml sn500 A$18.00 A$18.00
Gift Voucher 50 gift_50 A$50.00 A$50.00
Penetrating Facial Moisturiser facial_moist A$55.00 A$55.00
Travel Pack tp_1 A$50.00 A$50.00
Moisturising Day Cream - 45gms dc55 A$27.00 A$27.00
Vitalising Beauty Serum vital_serum A$130.00 A$130.00
Facial Cleanser - 100ml fc125 A$27.00 A$27.00
Body Toner - 100gms bt95 A$30.00 A$30.00
Golden Emu Oil (100% Pure Oil) - 1Ltr geo1L A$145.00 A$145.00
Emu Feathers - 1Kg ef1 A$40.00 A$40.00
Elegance Eye Gel eye_gel A$45.00 A$45.00
Feathers & Fin - 95g ff95 A$35.00 A$35.00
Emu Tail Feathers 10g Pack tail_feathers_10g A$5.00 A$5.00
Heat Rub - 100ml hr125 A$35.00 A$35.00
Wrinkles Be Gone - 30gms wbg30 A$32.00 A$32.00
Pet Shampoo - 1Ltr ps1L A$34.00 A$34.00
Gift Voucher 155 gift_155 A$155.00 A$155.00
Skin Repair Dressing - 95gms srd95 A$25.00 A$25.00
Emu Tail Feathers 1kg tail_feathers_kg A$80.00 A$80.00
Lip Balm - 20gms lb20 A$10.00 A$10.00
Emu Feathers - 50gms ef50 A$5.00 A$5.00
Golden Emu Oil (100% Pure Oil) - 100ml geo125 A$40.00 A$40.00
Emu Oil Soap - Goats Milk Small Bar gms A$5.00 A$5.00
Shampoo Bar - Large sbl A$11.00 A$11.00
Tinea Be Gone - 20gms tbg20 A$15.00 A$15.00

Subtotal A$1,194.00
Shipping A$15.00
Total A$1,209.00
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